SDFRC DECEMBER ISSUE  1971        - 6 -

         HOSPITAL BROADCASTING  (continued)
         Radio Recovery holds licences for "dubbing records on to recording tape" from
         the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Limited, and Phonographic Performance
         Limited.  The latter kindly waived the fee when they knew the recordings were
         for use in hospitals.

         Since Recovery started just over a year ago, the demand has grown; programmes
         are being sent to Rano Hospital, Den Haag, Holland and Radio Paisley.  They
         hope to be sending programmes soon to Hornchurch and Billericay hospitals'
         when they have their internal systems fitted up.  Meanwhile, if you know of
         a hospital which would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact
         Radio Recovery Studios, 31 Avondale Road, South Benfleet, Essex.

         Michael Lindsey            :   Label Manager for Purple Records.

         Mark Stuart                :   Thompson Sky Tours and part-time work for
         Ex-RNI                         BBC Radio Brighton

         Roger Day (Eng.Car. RNI)   :   Thompson Sky Tours & his own discotheque

         Alan Clark (City/390)      :   Part-time work for the BBC

         Stevi Merike (Caroline)    :   Part-time work for BBC Radio Brighton
                        & RNI

         Spangles Maldoon (Caroline):   Car Salesman in Birmingham
                            & RNI

         Alan West                  :   Occasional work for BBC Radio London and
         Ex-Scotland/RNI                bingo calling.

         David Allan                :   BBC Radio Two continuity announcer.

         Thw Sound Broadcasting Bill was published on the 3rd November 1971.  The
         purpose of the bill is to amend the television act of 1964 so as to extend
         the functions of the Independent Television Authority to include the
         provision of a service of local sound broadcasting.  Copies of the Bill
         are priced 16p net. from HMSO 49 High Holborn, London.

         FRC INTERNATIONAL ADDRESSES  ****  ****  ****  ****  ****  ****  ****

         FRC HOLLAND          Hans Verbaan, Postbus 9460, 's-Gravenhage, Holland.
         FRC BELGIUM          Hogeweg 219, 9110,Sint-Amandsberg, Belgium.
         FRC GERMANY          D-76 Offenburg, P.O. Box 461, West Germany.
         FRC DENMARK          Paul Hanson, Room 32, Hillerodgade 64, DK 2000
                              Copenhagen, N. Denmark.
         SWITZERLAND*         Case Postale 89, 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz/VD, Switzerland

         * a new organisation, highly commended.


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