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Welcome to



This is a new site for an old friend
- Monitor Magazine -
dedicated with love to the memory of our founding editor
Roland C. "Buster" Pearson.

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What's On These Pages

   the first article to appear on this site is Keith King's story from Monitor 29...

   the forerunner to Monitor was the Southend & District Free Radio Campaign Info Sheet - the final edition appears here just as it did on it's original foolscap paper...

   Monitor Number One ...

   a report on the Ross Revenge arriving in Tilbury on 31 July 40oC...

   an interview with Buster from Monitor 33 is now on this site - our thanks to Monitor's Guernsey Branch for preparing it for upload ...


More Sites of Interest

   For more info about the history of Monitor and the people involved,
see the Monitor Guernsey site;
   and follow the "Web-Links" link for many more offshore-radio related sites.
   Clive Corell was an engineer aboard the Mi Amigo in 1974;
you can read about this eventful time on his own website
at www.citiria.com/novelist/caroline.html


The official RADIO CAROLINE website: www.radiocaroline.co.uk


Last updated: 28 April 42oC