SDFRC DECEMBER ISSUE 1971      - 5 -

         VERONICA'S PROGRAMME GUIDE (continued)
         20.00   "HANS MONDT SHOW"
         22.00   "TINEKE"
         12.00   "PARELS VAN WILL"
         02.00   "CLOSEDOWN"

         Mondays    14.30 till 15.00. Spar Show (programme sponsored by Spar Grocers)
                    16.00 till 17.00. Sports Programme Part Two.
                    18.30 till 18.35. Pop joernal.  Pop news with Daniel Klijzing.
                    19.00 till 20.00. Rhythm and Blues. Reviews of R n' B records by
                    Harry Knipschild.

         Tuesdays   16.00 till 16.15. "Clearisil Time"
                    19.00 till 20.00. "C and W" Country and western music with Karel
                    van der Kemp.
         Wednesdays 14.00 till 15.00. "Veronica's Musiek Express" Lex Harding.
                    19.00 till 20.00. "Latijnse Hits" Spanish and Italian music
                    introduced in Spanish by Mimo.
                    20.00 till 22.00. "Klassiek Magazine" Classical music magazine
                    programme produced by Rob van Dijk.

         Thursdays  19.00 till 20.00."Meet the beat" Rhythm and Blues with Harry

         Fridays    19.00 till 20.00. Country and Western.
                    02.00 till 05.00. Dick Klees.

         Over the past few years more and more hospitals have adopted their own
         system of internal broadcasting for the patients.  Usually this has
         meant having a studio, and a DJ always present to play record requests
         etc., which is quite an expensive way of doing things.

         This is where Radio Recovery - a unique organisation run by a dedicated
         group of people in South-East Essex - has scored. Radio Recovery provides
         taped music programmes to hospitals all over Britian completely free of
         charge.  Top name DJ's have contributed programmes, such as Roger Day
         of Caroline and RNI (now voted No. 1 DJ in Record Mirror), Andy Archer of
         Caroline and RNI (No. 19 in RM), Mike and Mandy Raven of King London and
         390, Phil Jay of City and Adrian Love of City plus the resident DJ team:
         Scott Peters, who manages the station, Pauline Peters, who specialises
         in children's programmes and Rona Dene, pop and light classical DJ.

         Programmes have been promised by RNI's Mark Stuart, Larry Tremaine ('Geeta')
         Alan Clark, ex-City, 390 and Radio Nederland (SW) and Ed Cole ex-390, now
         with Harlech TV. Michael Lindsey has advised us on the technical side,
         together with Steve Taylor and John Steven.

         All tapes are very high quality as the studio equipment consists of: a
         Newham Discotheque Unit fed into a Phillips Stereo 4500 3 track tape deck.
         A second tape recorder is used for jingles. It is a Sony-O-matic TC-105.
         The record library contains 2,300 singles and 200 L.P's and special Recovery
         jingles have been made by singers Lois Lane (BBC) and Mike Redway.



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