SDFRC DECEMBER ISSUE 1971         - 3 -

         I'm often asked by various people as to my views of the radio stations
         broadcasting to Europe at the moment and in answer to "which is your
         favourite", I always reply, "Er ligt een schip op de Noordzee, dat
         uitz op een-negen-twee, Veronica.

         Veronica, as we all know, has been broadcasting from the Dutch coast
         for almost twelve years and needless to say, during this time has gained
         a vast amount of experience in the field of commercial radio. I
         personally feel, that Veronica today is what Radio London would have
         sounded like had the Marine Offences Act not come into being.

         Veronica's music policy is strictly pop and middle of the road during
         the day, minority taste programmes are featured throughout the week
         at off peak period advertising times. (see programme guide below).
         News and weather reports are broadcast on the hour from 8.00 am till
         8.00pm. The news of course comes live from the ship whereas the majority
         of the programmes are pre-recorded in Hilversum. The newsreaders aboard
         the ship are Freek Simon, Dick Klees and Arend Langeberg, the disc jockeys
         in Hilversum are Lex Harding (Hollands number one), Rob Out, Tineke, Chiel
         Montagne, Tom Collins, Stan Haag, Hans Mondt, Henk van Dorp and Will

         Earlier this year, Veronica introduced their own pop weekly magazine
         "192" and this is a really first class example of how a magazine should
         be produced. The editor of "192" is disc jockey Rob Out and in charge
         of production is Barend Toet. The cost of each edition is 45 cents or
         £4.95 per quarter. (f.4.95 approx 55p.) "192" is printed on good quality
         paper and contains amount other things, glossy photographs. programme
         guide, letters from listners, features of pop stars, t.v. programmes,
         drive-in show news, Will Wil Well (Will Luikinga), pop journal, film
         news,international pop charts, Veronica top 40 and top parade, horoscopes
         sports news and of course advertising.

         Veronica's address for all enquiries is Post bus 218, Hilversum, Holland
         and the telephone number is 02150-51045. I've listed a programme guide
         below, and trust you get as much enjoyment as I do out of listening to a
         real free radio station, Veronica on 192.

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