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                        **  S    D   F   R   C  **  

                 CHRISTMAS       INFO     SHEET     1971


                              123 High Road,




         EDITORIAL  During the four months that have elapsed since our last
         information sheet, many changes have occured within the SDFRC.  We
         have reorganised the information sheet, and the management and hope
         that the new style will meet with your approval.  This issue is the
         largest we have produced to date, and we would appreciate your
         opinion.  Please do not hesitate to contact editorial staff if
         you have any ideas on improving the info' sheet.  All constructive
         letters will be printed.

         Our aims for the forthcoming year are expasion and the continuation
         of the fight for free radio, while at the same time keeping you
         informed of all the latest developments in commercial radio, - which
         is just around the corner!

         On behalf of all of us here at the SDFRC, a very Happy Christmas and
         best wishes for the New Year.

         ODDS N'ENDS  Mark Stuart to do a 2 hr. programme for RNI over
         Christmas...if T.R. doesn't leave J.P. & L. well alone he is going
         to get a K up the A very shortly!...Maldon branch doing very well..
         congrats lads...many thanks to Alan West for your nice letter to us,
         and we all enjoyed your prog. on Radio Medway...the results of the
         'Veronica Blijft' campaign to be published by the Dutch Institute
         of Statistics so far 1,700,000...for Robbie Dale fans:
         he has two programmes on Hilversum Three, 240 metres medium wave
         (audible in S.E. England) - "Jam on Radio" Mondays 13.00 GMT - 15.00
         GMT & "Robie on the Radio" Thursdays 09.00 GMT - 10.00 GMT... Editor
         would like to thank Alan Clark for the mention on Radio Medway,
         Thursday 25th November - and it was a great prog!...rumour has it
         that both Caroline ships are to be put up for public auction shortly...
         the same source informs us that the King David has been sold...Andy
         Archer keeping his fingers crossed for a job on Manx Radio next year,
         otherwise, he claims he'll open a radio station in the Mid-Atlantic
         using Mid-Atlantic accented disc-jockeys, thats where they all should
         be anyway! hear hear..please note the foregoing was dictated by Andy
         Archer and the management accept no responsibility... if you want the
         Veronica Record, send £1.00 to Hans Verbaan, FRC Holland (address given
         in FRC International column).

         Current schedule is as follows :-

         17.00 - 19.00 GMT            Drive Time (Rob Eden)
         19.00 - 21.00 GMT            Target Ten (Mike Ross)
         21.00 - 23.00 GMT            Swinging Europe (Paul May)
         23.00 - 02.00 GMT            North Sea By Night (Dave Rodgers)

         Floating DJ'S are Terry Davies and Brian McKenzie


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