Monitor Number One, MISTAKES


In the construction of the original magazines typing mistakes were inevitable.

We made a decision that on the grounds of authenticity the original
"typos" would be left in place. but they are listed below.

If there are any we have missed please let us know!

Likewise in the translation from paper to the web, extra mistakes may
have been introduced that were not in the original which we have missed!
Please list any you discover and let us know!

page 4 line 27, prooved instead of proved

page 4 line 31, to instead of too.

page 5 line 16, needless full stop at end of line

page 8 line 7, Khx instead of Khz

page 8 line 35, infact instead of in fact

page 10 line 10, fro instead of from

page 10 line 52, spurious quote mark

page 11 line 26, teastes instead of tastes (I think!)


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