MONITOR SPRING ISSUE 1972           - Page Nine -

      City feature. I sincerely trust that you found it as interesting to read as I did        
      to compile. In conclusion, I should like to express my warmest appreciation to all 
      those who have contributed articles, and I should like to thank the free radio 
      supporters, too numerous to mention individually, who spared their precious time 
      answering my many questions. During the course of one of the long telephone con-
      versations I had with Mrs. Calvert, she said to me that she would welcome the 
      opportunity of running Radio One.  I hope that some day soon she will be given the about it Lord Hill?

                          ***    ***  ADVERTISEMENTS ***   ***

      C.I.B.   What Is happening to the Sound Broadcasting Bill to introduce commercial 
      radio?  Which M.P.'s are sitting on the committee debating the Bill? How can 
      Britain overcome the "needle time" problem? The answers to all these questions 
      plus all the latest news about what is happening in "radio", can be found in the 
      latest C.I.B. Newsletter,  Free to all C.I.B. members.  Send 37½p and a foolscap
      s.a.e. for annual membership plus free car stickers, or a foolscap s.a.e. for 
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      House, London NW4. The C.I.B. meets the people that matter, and has the REAL 

      CONTINENTAL RECORDS as played on RNI and Veronica, are obtainable for 70p each 
      from: Peter Lenton, 101 Pytchley Road, Kettering, Northants.  Also available 
      is the Joost de Draaier stereo LP for £1.80.

      FREE RADIO INFORMATION SERVICE Dial 01-692-6808 with your free radio questions; 
      this service operates nightly between 7 and 11 pm.

      INTERNATIONAL FREE RADIO CAMPAIGN Membership of this organisation is 25p per 
      annum; they publish "Free Radio Magazine", which is sold separately at 4p a copy. 
      For further particulars write to: - I.F.R.C., 22 Coldershaw Road, West Ealing, 
      London W13. Please include s.a.e.

      INTERNATIONAL RAY CONNIFF FAN CLUB quarterly news-sheet packed with club news, 
      radio news and record reviews. s.a.e. to: Lois Hollands, 99 Hurst Road, Erith, 

                             WHERE ARE THEY NOW?         Compiled by John A. Steven                          
              Brian Vaughn   Ex-Caroline South           Polydor Records, Australia

              Tim Yail       Ex-Caroline South/
                             Scotland                    Plugger for Robbins Music

              Stephen West   Ex-Radio 390                Script writer for Anglia TV

              Dave Cash      Ex-Radio London             Working on Pop show for HTV

              Duncan John-
                     son     Ex-Radio London/RNI         Label Manager for both Rak
                                                         and Sovereign Records at EMI

              Paul Kay       Ex-Radio London             Yorkshire Television

              Dave Dennis    Ex-Radio London             Programme Organiser for United
                                                         Biscuit Network

              Chris Denning  Ex-Radio London             Head of Promotion, Bell Records

              Stephen Ladd   Ex-RNI                      Interviewer, BBC Radio London

              Dave MacKay    Ex-City/355                 Working with The New Seekers,
                                                         on the Cliff Richard show BBC TV

              Adrian Love    Ex-City                     DJ on UBN 6.00 am - 1.00 am show.

              Alex Dee       Ex-Radio City/270           Sales assistant in ironmongery store.
                                                         Plays guitar to wife, twin girls
                                                         and young son.

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